Sweet Potato Nachos with Chipotle “Cheese Sauce” and Queso Fresco

Shrimp & Grits. Lemon Pepper Wings. Tacos. Sound good to you? Clean ChEATing is about taking our food temptations or just the foods we love and making them waist friendly. We focus so much on what we CAN’T eat when on a fat loss plan, we don’t focus on the array of varieties and swaps we can make to stay excited about the food we eat while on the journey. The items mentioned above aren’t bad, HOW they are normally prepared is; let’s change how you look at clean eating. This is the place where health meets comfort.

Meet Nieta

Thank you for visiting! My fitness journey began in 2006 and like many, I’ve had ups, downs, and Aha! moments. I got a breast reduction and with those gone, that muffin top was more apparent. I went to Weight Watchers and lost 60 pounds. Subsequently, I got married and had a child. In 2013, my son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I began living like nothing mattered other than “fixing” him. His diagnosis became my obsession and I let myself go. I ate and drank whatever I wanted. I went to work with an “As long as I show up” attitude. All but 13 pounds of the weight I had lost came back.

Life is way too short and I was obsessing over my son’s condition, something I have NO control over. So, I went back to “exercising” (doing cardio) and clean eating. I lost 30 pounds but I still wasn’t where I wanted to be. Office food was the norm at my job and I gained 28 of those pounds back. It was time to get off of this rollercoaster. It took a while, but something clicked a year ago.

My husband proposed a low-carb diet. My first reaction was “I don’t eat a lot of carbs.” I started really analyzing what I eat. I was eating clean, but you can still have too much of a good thing. Brown rice, wheat pasta, FRUIT…my fruit intake was crazy. I lost 5 lbs. during the first week of going low carb and everything just came together.

I also began weightlifting, doing the Body Beast program, and doing loads of research on macros, carb intake and eating for your body type. I want to be the best I can possibly be mentally and physically. Clothes I’ve never thought I would wear are now in my closet. I got real with my goals and expectations. Consistency is ESSENTIAL in weight loss. Even if the process doesn’t seem to work fast enough, trust it. No one becomes overweight overnight, and the same goes for losing it. So here’s my “current,” not “after” pic, because it’s for life, it doesn’t end. I’m 48 pounds down and only getting better.

Nieta of SimplyCleanChEATing.com

After running my catering business for few years, my passion for food was reignited with my passion for fitness and Simply Clean ChEATing was born. I combined my love of food with fitness and started my Instagram page @simplycleancheating to share what I eat daily so people don’t think losing weight is only grilled chicken and broccoli. My motivation is helping others through my page. As a self-educated home cook and fitness addict, I want to give you the tools you need to start or stick with your fitness journey. I want to show you how you can EAT WELL and shrink that waist in the process by discovering new ingredients, techniques, and combinations. Let the wonders from my kitchen redefine what you put on your plate.