Buying Whole vs. Pre-cut Pieces

Breaking down a whole chicken. Sounds like surgery doesn’t it? I’ll admit, even in my catering prime, I was guilty of buying parts. Chicken dinner for 200 guests? Cut a whole chicken or buy pre-cut? Pre-cut please! Ain’t nobody got time for that! All that cutting! Until I put my bottom line under a microscope…I was spending more per person by buying pre-cut vs. cutting a whole chicken, then I MADE time for it, lol. The savings are anywhere from $3-$5. It literally takes about 5 minutes once you get the hang of it.

My husband is the one who actually made me convert. Whenever he wanted to smoke/grill a chicken, he’d buy a whole one and cut it. I would watch him in amazement, like he was Dr. McDreamy performing surgery. Not only is it less expensive, but you can use the carcass and remnants to make a rich, all-natural broth. It could just be my Kentucky/Arkansas roots (mom/dad), but on that rare cheat night when I crave the crunchy, golden, fried goodness of chicken, I buy a whole one and cut it up. It just tastes better than pre-cut in my opinion.

Meals that call for shredded chicken like chicken salad, tacos, soups, skin a whole chicken (YouTube it), slow cook, and shred. You will wonder why you bought pre-cut to begin with.

Nieta is a self-trained chef, fitness addict, wife, and mother of one AMAZING Bumblebee! Her passion is to help others start and stick to their fitness goals with clean chEATing.

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