Chapter 39: 13 Things I’ve learned in my 30’s

Your life is made of two dates & a dash. Make the most of the dash.
-Some random wise person
Happy Birthday to me and Simply Clean Cheating! We both turn a year older and I couldn’t be more excited to see another year! Next year I will celebrate a milestone birthday AND my 10 year wedding anniversary. Since there will be nothing but partying next year, I’ll use 39 to be all adult like and reflect, lol.  In my 20’s I was extremely insecure but hid it well. If you follow my journey, you’ve gotten to read about my highs and lows.  What I LOVE about aging is those “lows” seem less dramatic the older you get. Growing older is a privilege. I know who I am and have found comfort in my own skin more than I ever imagined in my 20’s.  So to celebrate this last year in my 30’s (pour out a little liquor), here are the top 13 things I’ve learned in my 30’s…because 10 is just too short.

 1.BE KIND and BE GRATEFUL because yes it can be better but it can also be a LOT worse.

 2.Take care of yourself and your health. If those around you think that’s selfish, that’s their problem.

 3. Marriage is patience and acceptance. Make it your own “perfect.”

       Wedding Day August 23, 2008

 4. Life is too short for *expletive food. Don’t just eat a meal, experience it.

 5. When someone shows you who they are, believe them…like carbs…I believe them now.

 6. Call the strong friends and relatives; they need to know someone’s thinking of them too. Life is too unpredictable.

 7. Whatever it is, let it go. It’s eating you alive and you don’t even realize it.

 8. Travel to another country, it will change your perspective on the world.

 9. Nothing you ever do in life will challenge you like parenting…it’s the real gangster.

 10. Love is seeing the ugly parts of someone but staying.

 11. Capture the moment then UNPLUG. You can’t EXPERIENCE the moment if you’re too busy #hashtagging it.

 12. Accept people and your life as it is NOW, not as it SHOULD be with an unrealistic ideal of “perfection.”

13. Find your passion, it’s life changing.

*Drink lots of water 😉



Nieta is a self-trained chef, fitness addict, wife, and mother of one AMAZING Bumblebee! Her passion is to help others start and stick to their fitness goals with clean chEATing.

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  1. Kesha Ivory-Darnell says: Reply

    39 is the year of reflection.. but get excited for year number 4-0! I can promise you- YOUR SKY WILL CRACK OPEN! You’re well on your way with the knowledge you expressed above.
    Happy Birthday.

  2. A great review! And love the honorable mention, lol. I’m not trying to rush you, but I look forward to partying with ya all next year! Enjoy chapter 39!

  3. Awesome post! My birthday is coming up and I’m not in my 30s yet, but these have been amazing tips.

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