Dear Friends & Family: 7 Things to Avoid Saying to Someone on a Weight Loss Journey

“As she eats her brussels sprouts and chicken, she’s met with looks of confusion, curiosity, and WTFness.” -ME “You eat weird.” “Stop, just stop losing weight.” “You’re doing too much.” If you click off of this article within the first paragraph, I’m talking to you. If you continue to read, you’re either intrigued, hoping you […]

7 Reasons Why

The root of my love for cooking called me at 6 years old. I stood staring at my mom crying as she hung up the phone. My dad, may he rest in peace, who normally had one facial expression, even looked concerned. As a 6 year old I’m thinking what’s going on? Why is she […]

Summer is Coming

Summer is coming. This is what I told myself sitting in a popular Italian restaurant taking a new employee to lunch. I rationalized. Nieta, you worked out this morning. You DESERVE creamy sun-dried tomato ravioli. You got this, burn it off tonight.  My mind was made up.  In my Chris Rock voice, “I’m getting mines.” […]