7 Reasons Why

The root of my love for cooking called me at 6 years old. I stood staring at my mom crying as she hung up the phone. My dad, may he rest in peace, who normally had one facial expression, even looked concerned. As a 6 year old I’m thinking what’s going on? Why is she […]

Summer is Coming

Summer is coming. This is what I told myself sitting in a popular Italian restaurant taking a new employee to lunch. I rationalized. Nieta, you worked out this morning. You DESERVE creamy sun-dried tomato ravioli. You got this, burn it off tonight.  My mind was made up.  In my Chris Rock voice, “I’m getting mines.” […]

So It Vegan….

What do we eat for breakfast? Is what I asked Shawn yesterday as we started our first day of Veganism. Yeah…we’re crazy, I already know. We like, bypassed meat, skipped eggs, dodged fish and went straight to plant based. Same as when I started low-carb, I am trying this for one week to note any […]