Rise & Grind: 2017 Pre-Resolution Guide

My drill sergeant is 6 years old. Bumblebee wakes me up daily at 5 a.m. His mantra is “I stay ready.” I think Drake not only wrote “0 to 100” about Bumblebee, but I believe Mountain Dew runs through his veins. He’s always up. You know how most people wake in the morning and need a moment to get it together? Not him, he’s always ON and as his mom I need ENERGY to keep up. So how will I keep up in the coming year? Singing in my Denzel Washington “Mo Betta Blues” voice, “What the world…needs now”…Is not another New Year’s resolution. Each year we have GRAND intentions. 12:01am on January 1, I will be a new person.  No more fried foods for who? THIS GIRL.  Beet juice, protein shakes, and 5 a.m. workouts. You envision eating quinoa, big green salads and looking down at your peers who just couldn’t be like you and get themselves together on January 1. You smile confidently to yourself thinking about where you will be by June….Then January 3 hits…because by day 3 you’re starting to question LIFE. To quote Irene Reid’s song “Didn’t We”…

That’s NOT YOU. Heck, that’s not ME. Going from your daily Starbucks & McDonald’s fix to a Whole Foods groupie guarantees FAILURE. I remember my husband would start healthy habits and quit because to him he was still that 20 something guy who was “invincible.” Taking baby steps doesn’t mean you’re weak, it means you’re SMART and setting REALISTIC goals reduces the stress & anxiety of “a slip” on January 1.  As fellow blogger Christian Evan’s says, don’t suffer from the Al Bundy “Back in my day, I scored 4 touchdowns” syndrome.  I’ll keep it real with you, there’s a little over a month to go to get your mind and (body) right before you decide to go from YOU to Shaun T and the work begins now. Leggo!

People who don’t write down their goals tend to fail more than the ones who have plans.Grab a pen and paper, or an app, I don’t care, and list 5 REALISTIC, SPECIFIC, and MEASUREABLE habits you want to change. DON’T WRITE more than FIVE.  Remember baby steps….you don’t want to get overwhelmed. To each of those habits, add 1-2 ACTION ITEMS on how you will get there.

 I want to incorporate more challenging exercises.

I will start the year with push-ups and daily core exercises to transform my upper body.

I will complete this by May 31, 2017.

Action Items
I will start with 5 push-ups and 10 minutes of core work on Day 1 and increase that number weekly. 

The point is to start NOW, so these changes are like second nature to you by January 1….and yes, since you asked, I am starting my push-ups today.

You know how when company is coming you practically get rid of everything sans furniture.  You want the house to look like you don’t actually live there right? This is what I want your pantry to look like by January 1. How many times have you vowed to do better tomorrow but you still have that entire bag of Oreos, Ruffles, and Hostess’ in the kitchen?  Who wants to waste money?  So you start the day after….or the next week…or next month.  Start NOW.  Your kitchen can’t go from looking like a Superbowl Sunday buffet to kale chips and brown rice. Like everything else, this is a process. Start adding healthy items slowly and take December to find what healthy foods you like and which ones you don’t.  Assess what is not adding VALUE to your waistline and either throw it away / eat it a little at a time, let the kids have at it and think you’re the coolest parent ever, or…throw it away.

Clean ChEAT Tip #3: SWAP!
No, not spouses, remember that show? Okay, bring it back Nieta. What’s your vice? I mean, the one food you CAN’T live without, fat loss plan or none, you cannot let this go. For me it’s sweets.  I love them. Well, really I am a food snob according to my friends…and siblings…and husband…and co-workers…okay, everyone in my life thinks that, so for me all sweets are not created equal, they have to be GOOODDD. My daily afternoon snack in my twenties was 2 bags of chips, a soda, and a candy bar. Yes, as the meme says I’ve been “delivert,” but it ALWAYS ended in something sweet. So how did I conquer that? Now, if I want a sweet I eat it, just not daily.  My go to is either a piece of 70% dark chocolate,   fruit or hot chocolate made with unsweetened almond milk, stevia, and because I’m fancy, I add cinnamon and vanilla. I wasn’t always here though. Actually I just got here a little less than a year ago. Then, I started making small changes.  Instead of a candy bar 5 times a week, I reduced it to 4…then 3…you get it. I began to understand what that craving was; Boredom? Stress?  Begin managing your vices NOW, so by the time January 1 comes, you aren’t pressured. These Maple PB Cups also do the trick.

Drink soda? I know some DIE HARD soda drinkers who think water should only be used to bathe.  Incorporate more water a little at a time. If you just NEED that carbonation, try sparkling water. Start reducing that number a little each week. Ummm…no…I will not tell you to switch to diet soda…that stuff is like drinking a chemistry based science project. Have to have your bucket of soda for a $1 from McDonald’s daily? Begin by cutting your vice by 20%.  If you drink 10 per week, try 8. Cut down until you get to something manageable like….none. Pick 1 vice to change each week to adapt to the new 2017 you.   I’ve ranted enough. Your Bumblebee might be your job, your family, obligatory social activities, who or what will wake you up? 

waking up

Nieta is a self-trained chef, fitness addict, wife, and mother of one AMAZING Bumblebee! Her passion is to help others start and stick to their fitness goals with clean chEATing.

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  1. Love it! Ironically soon as I got the notification on IG that you gave me a shout out, I was sending you this comment I had just finished reading your post and I love it. Not only because I got a shout out but you were right on point!

    1. Thank you Christian!

  2. Great stuff! I’m going to start working on my new set of health and fitness this weekend. Thankfully I don’t have anything that I must have, lol. Thanks for the tips and chuckles! There’s no such thing as a food snob…we like what we like and won’t apologize for being dope!

  3. Just keep me in your prayers! I’m working on this new vegetarianism lifestyle…..but I think I need to limit carbs too. How? I’m addicted to potato chips….really any way you wanna cook a potato, I’ll eat it.

  4. Thank yooooouuu! For inviting me to your blog! 😌

    1. You’re so welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

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